Neuromas and Pain in General Feet, Ankles and Legs

As a podiatrist on a treat pain in the feet, ankles, and legs. It has been determined through my research over the past 41 years, that pain of the feet, ankles, and legs in the majority are related to undisclosed and undiscovered nerve damage. It is not, in the vast majority of cases, a bone and joint issue like we were taught in school. It is only visible on diagnostic ultrasound and never completely demonstrated on the more costly and inconvenient alternative imaging systems.

The purpose of our research has been to disclose image and cure the undetected nerve damage without surgery over 90% of the time.

The vast majority of cases, including those mistakenly told they have neuropathy, or if they holds foot hurts on both sides, is principally due to to the development of an orthopedic problem: we refer to as multiple plantar neuromas.

Neuromas are simply benign nerve tumors caused by trauma to the nerves of the bottom of the front of the foot from abnormal structure inherited from parents and for which the patient compensates by an abnormal style of walking crushing these nerves over years of weightbearing. The nerves are enlarged 50 or more times normal size causing excruciating pain, cramping of the muscles of the feet and legs, burning, numbness, and aggravated by shoes and increased weightbearing activity.

These are not easy to cure using improvement techniques developed between 60 and 90 years ago. Therefore do not hesitate to make an appointment if excruciating pain of the feet, ankles, or legs is disabling you because most of the time it is curable without the need for unnecessary surgery.

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