Neuromas are benign nerve tumors secondary to the trauma of weight bearing activity on abnormal foot structure over years of activity putting abnormal pressure repetitively against these nerve structures. The nerves become so thickened and enlarged by the repetitive pressure that swelling and inflammation suddenly ensues for which associated pain definitely requires guided directed therapy to go away. 99.9 percent of these cases are completely curable without surgery.

The nerves usually involved are in the bottom of the forefoot near the toes. When located between the bases of the 3rd and 4th toes, the neuroma is called Morton's Neuroma, but between the bases of the 2nd and 3rd toes is called Hauser's. 90 percent of cases have 2 or more neuromas in each foot clearly visible on ultrasound, and 10 percent 1 in each foot.

They are always benign, but almost universally excruciatingly painful, and can cause muscle cramping in the foot and leg. They are the cause when you feel like your whole foot hurts.

Once the pain is resolved, to prevent recurrence with regular weight bearing activity, dynamic therapy with Root Functional Orthoses, will be necessary, and should be developed following appropriate biomechanical measurements, by your podiatric physician.

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